Effect and Side Effects of Winstrol

Characteristics of Winstrol

Winstrol in suspension. Winstrol (Stanozolol) is an aqueous suspension of a dihydrotestosterone derivative. For this reason, it has strong anabolic and moderate androgenic properties. The steroid has a short half-life. Upon ingestion, its level rises sharply and then decreases rapidly.

Winstrol does not have the ability to be converted to estradiol, does not accumulate fluid in the body, which makes it very useful during the drying period. Winstrol’s ability to lower SHBG levels is often mentioned, but other AASs have this ability.

The drug is subjected to 17-alpha-alkylation, which means that it has all the negative qualities that other anabolics have. It should also be remembered that Winstrol dries the joints, which can lead to serious damage. The duration of the Winstrol course rarely exceeds 6-8 weeks.

It should be noted that the oral form of the drug is also available, but injections are more effective. It is best to inject the steroid into your biceps, shoulders or triceps. Before injecting, mix the contents of the syringe by rolling it between your palms. It is very important not to form bubbles or foam. Change the site of anabolic administration frequently, as this is an aqueous solution, not an oil.

Also keep in mind that stanozolol shifts the balance of cholesterol to bad, but this can be corrected with fish oil. To reduce the risk of joint injury, it is best to combine Winstrol with Deca or testosterone esters. In this case, the joints will not dry out.

Characteristics of Winstrol

The benefits of Winstrol

  • mild effects on the body;
  • positive impact on the performance and endurance of athletes;
  • provide rapid removal of excess fluid from the body;
  • the possibility of use with other drugs with similar action;
  • no side effects such as gynecomastia and edema;
  • normalization of appetite;
  • lowering globulin levels, which has a positive effect on testosterone growth and improves athlete’s muscles.

Reviews of the drug show its positive and safe effects. This is strongly noted by both beginners and experienced athletes. They note that up to 10 kg of dry, well-stretched muscles accumulate during the course of intake. The low androgenic activity of the drug allows to recommend the drug to athletes.

Effects of Winstrol

While Winstrol is used to prevent muscle loss, it is not what we would call building steroids. You will rarely see this steroid in the off-season for mass recruitment. However, it can be used to increase the activity of other steroids used due to the significant reduction in SHBG that it provides, but is generally not recommended. Going deeper into the side effects of Winstrol, we find that it is very hepatotoxic and should be used only when it is most valuable. For a male athlete, this will not be the case during the accumulation phase.

As for the volumes in the off-season, we could make more exceptions for women. Women are much more sensitive to steroids and short heartbeat programs can be very helpful at this stage. But again, there are probably better options.

The effects of Winstrol are by far the most favorable for directly improving athletic performance. We are talking about professional athletes, not bodybuilders or athletes. This steroid has the ability to significantly increase strength, which can be expressed in both power and speed. It will also do this without adding a lot of excess weight, which can hinder some depending on the sport and attract unwanted attention from prying eyes. There are people who claim that Winstrol is not suitable for competitive athletes, especially for explosive athletes due to the potential weakening of the tendons, but this more or less anecdotal hysteria confirms this statement. In fact, many studies show that it can have a positive effect on strengthening tendons, and we already know that it is good for bones. Otherwise it will not be used to treat osteoporosis.

Except for athletics, the effect of Winstrol for the gym or bodybuilding will be best if you have already lost weight. The steroid will help you look thinner and stronger, but only if you are relatively thin. It will also help preserve muscle tissue, but not to the extent that is often required at this stage. In general, Winstrol is recommended for use only as a secondary steroid and not as a primary steroid.

Both men and women can benefit greatly from Winstrol during the cutting phase. Although he is not the best defender of muscle tissue, many note that he has more strength, which is often lost during training.
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Vascular vessels should also be more affected and, in general, the person should receive a complete improvement in clarity.

Effects of Winstrol

Side Effects – How does Winstrol work?

When used Common side effects of steroids are rare: acne, water retention, high blood pressure and aromatization, which leads to gynecomastia. Winstrol does not convert dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body and practically does not suppress the body’s testosterone production (HPTA) function. However, because it is a 17-alpha-alkylated drug, high doses or prolonged use may be toxic to the liver. Although this toxicity is less pronounced than most other 17-AA steroids, prolonged cycles or high doses usually cause an increase in liver function.

The drug does not cause side effects such as gynecomastia and water retention. And this is another advantage that makes it attractive to athletes who want to gain muscle mass. The steroid is a 5 alpha-reduced substrate. 5-alpha reductase cleaves the double bond between positions 4 and 5, which is required for the conversion of aromatase to estrogen. Aromatase is the main enzyme used to produce estrogen in the male body. Therefore, Winstrol is suitable for those who are afraid of the possibility of developing gynecomastia.

Side Effects