Winstrol – use in bodybuilding

Winstrol cycles are very popular with athletes. In popularity, this drug is on par with Methandienone and Deca. Professionals use this steroid in preparation for competitions and fans can do without it or use it to lower progesterone levels.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it, just the best Winstrol combination. If you never intend to participate in tournaments, then before using any AAC you need to think carefully, do you need it?

Features of the drug

Winstrol does not have the ability to convert to estradiol, it does not accumulate fluid in the body, which makes it very useful during the drying period. Winstrol’s ability to lower SHBG levels is often mentioned, but other AAS have acquired this ability.

The drug is 17-alpha alkylated, which means it has all the negative qualities that other anabolics give it. It should also be remembered that Winstrol dries out the joints, which can cause serious damage. The duration of the Winstrol course rarely exceeds 6-8 weeks.

It should be noted that the oral form of the drug is also available, but injections are more effective. It is best to inject steroids into the biceps, shoulders or triceps. Mix the contents of the syringe before use by rolling it into the palm of your hand. It is very important that no bubbles and foam form. Frequently change the place of application of anabolics, because it is an aqueous, non-oily solution.

Also note that Stanozolol changes your cholesterol balance to a negative state, but this can be corrected by eating fish oil. To reduce the risk of joint injury, it is best to combine Winstrol with Deca or testosterone esters. In this case, the joints will not dry out.

Features of the drug

Winstrol Effects

Although Winstrol is used to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue, it is not what we call a weight gain steroid. You will rarely come across this steroid in the off season to gain weight. However, it can be used to increase the activity of other commonly used steroids due to the large reduction in SHBG it provides, but is generally not recommended. If we delve into the side effects of Winstrol, we will find that it is highly hepatotoxic and should only be used when it is most valuable. For a male athlete, this will not be the weight gain phase.

When it comes to gaining weight in the off-season, we could make more exceptions for women. Women are much more sensitive to steroids, and short heart rate programs can be very helpful at this stage. But then again, there are probably better options.

The effects of Winstrol are undoubtedly the most useful for directly improving sports performance. We are talking about professional athletes, not bodybuilders and non-athletes. This steroid has the ability to significantly increase strength, which can be expressed in both power and speed. It will also do this without adding much weight, which can hinder some depending on the sport and cause unwanted attention from prying eyes. There were those who said

For mass gain

To increase muscle mass (massiveness) it is best to combine it with a stronger androgen such as testosterone. This combined course gives a good anabolic effect and at the same time minimizes the action of estrogen. This combination of drugs allows you to increase muscle mass, unlike conventional steroid courses, when the increase in muscle mass is accompanied by the accumulation of fluid in the body and a certain accumulation of fat.

For mass gain

Combination for weight loss

For weight loss (fat release), winstrol is best combined with mild androgens such as trenbolone or primobolan. This combination makes the muscles toned and toned. This is what many bodybuilders dream of.

Combination for weight loss

Rehabilitation therapy course

Since the drug cannot be converted to estrogen, there is no need to take additional antiestrogens such as tamoxifen or chlamyd during the course of this steroid. When using Winstrol, gynecomastia does not develop even in the most sensitive athletes. It is great for building muscle mass as it does not retain water in the body. The fact is that excess fluid accumulates in the body due to estrogen. The steroid is excellent for those athletes who want to gain strength and speed at the same time.